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If you do not know Ravelry yet, it's either because A) You only started to knit recently and / or B) You've just discovered internet =)

In short, Ravelry is a free web community dedicated to knitting and crocheting. It is a virtual meeting place where users can share their projects (photo, pattern, wool, etc.), interact with other users sharing common interests and even more great: consult a directory containing a multitude of patterns to knit or crochet.

Ravlery was created in 2007 and has not stopped evolving and increasing its number of subscribers since. RAVELRY today is ...

  • 30,000 people have created a page to promote their patterns or their wool.
  • 64,000 people who created a page to list a pattern (created by themselves or another designer)
  • 336,000 people added a project (personal realization) with a photo.

To give you an idea of its popularity, a typical day on Ravelry (24 hours) is ...

  • 65,000 entries of wool by the members (purchase added to the stash).
  • 15,000 projects added to members' to do list
  • 80,000 projects have been added by members in their "favorites" 
  • 30,000 photos
Yes, like many awesome things in this world, Ravelry is a unilingual English site. However, it still contains several Francophone user groups (including the Biscotte & Cie Francophone Knitters group) and the patterns directory contains templates in all languages, including French knitting patterns.

As the repertoire of patterns is very large, we have prepared this video to show you how toeffectively search for your patterns to knit or crochet on Ravelry.

SEWER ??  Are you looking for a community similar to Ravelry focused on sewing: to go to My Sewing Circle  click HERE =)

Happy viewing…


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08 July, 2021

Ginette Roy

je cherche en vain des pull ,pour mes filles et belle fille…les3 veulent le simplicité,pas de v, pas de torsades…un beau point au col rond…j ai hâte de trouver..merci

08 July, 2021


J’aurais aimé des modèles pour faire des pulls à mes petits chiens. Merci

08 July, 2021

Andrée Bouchard

Je cherche patron tuque homme crochet facile

08 July, 2021

Kasel yvonne

Je n’arrive pas à m’enregistrer

02 May, 2020

Ginette Lachance

J aime

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