Hand dyed yarn in Canada


You may be wondering what the difference is between hand-dyed and machine-dyed yarn? Or maybe you want to know more about hand-dyed yarns ?

Commercial yarns are factory dyed in large vats (dye baths) allowing a large quantity of yarn to be dyed simultaneously. Color of industrialized yarns is more uniform since it is done in a machine built for this purpose.

Hand-dyed yarns are, by definition, hand-dyed in pots (just like the one you use to cook your spaghetti sauce 😉) which are much smaller than industrial tanks. The dye can also be applied with a brush or " sprinkled " directly on the yarn before being fixed with heat. The colors produced with this method are more uneven and since the dye baths are smaller, each skein of yarn is unique. Therefore, hand-dyed yarns have a very special character that can hardly be imitated in a factory.


Semi-solid yarn (or tonal yarn), is a yarn that is nearly, but not completely, solid in color. It is often dyed to order when you want to get enough to knit a sweater. It will give your knitwear a warmth and a artisanal look that is second to none


Variegated yarn is a yarn that is dyed in order to obtain multiple colors that, once knitted, will produce a colorful effect.customers to your store.


The speckled color type is a yarn on which the dye has been powdered to produce small colored pimples.


In our collection of hand-dyed yarn, you will find gradient yarns, (also known as ombre or faded yarns) under the name of Metamorph (or Mini-Metamorph). As you may have guessed, this is a yarn whose color changes in gradation from the beginning to the end.


Biscotte self-striping yarns, also known as AUTORAYANTEᵐᶜ are yarns dyed to produce stripes of their own when knitting.

No need to use several balls of different colors and no need to worry about changing the yarns and weave-in the ends. 🤗. To learn more about this yarn and the history of our trademark Autorayanteᵐᶜ



Most hand-dyed yarns (as well as many commercial yarns) comes in skein form (or hank) which means that the yarn is rolled into a circle that can be easily mixed when you don't know how to handle it.

Why this format? First of all for a practical question: the yarn has to be winded in skein to be dyed so it is presented by dyers in its original format.

Furthermore, according to the rules of the art it is said that winding would put a tension on the yarn and for this reason we should wait until we are ready to knit before using the yarn winding tools.

And finally let's say it: yarn skeins are so beautiful! They allow us to observe the color and texture of the fiber and for some, the winding step is an integral part of the knitting pleasure!

You don't have a yarn winder??? Click here to find our winding tools collection where you will discover everything you need to wind your yarn and hold your skein while you do it!!

More about hand-dyed yarns

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Enjoy your hand-dyed yarn and have fun with knitting!