Sandnes Garn - Sisu

Sandnes Garn - Sisu

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Who doesn't like to have an easy washing care for his clothes. The Sisu yarn has been treated to be machine washed. That's great!

Sisu is a yarn of the brand Sandnes Garn and is made of 80% wool and 20% nylon. Sisu is a comfortable yarn for indoor and outdoor clothing. It is also used for durable socks. You will be able to knit socks for all your easy with this wonderful yarn.

  • Composition: 80% wool, 20% nylon.
  • Weight / yardage: 1.8 oz (50 g) = approximately 191 yds (175 meters)
  • Recommended needle size: US#1 ½ , 2, 2 ½ - 2.5mm, 2.75mm, 3mm
  • Gauge:27 stitch = 10 cm
  • Washing care: Machine wash in warm water, dry flat.

Do you need some inspiration to knit with Sisu yarn? Here are some knitting suggestions for you:

Love Knot Sock

Here is the Love Knot Sock pattern that has been added to Andrea Yetman's great collection.

"Sometimes the best inspiration can comes from nature! These socks were inspired by the knots that you see in trees that are normally considered a flaw. I think these so called flaws can be what makes something so beautiful."- Andrea

To knit these socks, you need 3 balls of Sisu yarn in the color of your choice. you have over 19 different colors! 🎨

Boreal Breeze Shawl

We can never have enough shawl at home. We need them for every occasion that comes our way. This pattern is available for free on our online site. To knit it, you need 4 balls of Sisu yarn.

Queen Of Spades

Katrina Walser's new sleeveless pullover pattern is perfect for summer. Knitted with super-sock this knit is perfect for your summer activities.

Refined and airy, Queen of Spades is a tank with small, elegant details at the hem and neckline. Sleeveless and boat necked, it’s a perfect top for a special summer outing.

To knit the Queen of Spades, you need between 5 and 10 balls of 50g of Sisu depending on the size you want.

Fans of yarn socks will be charmed by this new pattern from Andrea Yetman, offered free of charge compliments of Biscotte ♥

To knit it, you need to choose 2 contrasting colors to double them. You're going to need 3 balls of Sisu yarn for each color, for a total of 6 balls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mercredi Addams

Des bas Mercredi Addams avec un soupçon de rose Enid ou c'est peut être un rose Barbie! Tricoté pour une jeune fille de 7 qui porte des chaussures de grandeur 4 de femme.
Je n'ai pu trouver une laine rayer sans qu'il y ai du gris alors je me suis résigné à tricoter le rayé à partir de balles de couleurs individuelles. J'ai lu au sujet d'éviter les décalages. Pas aussi réussi que je ne l'aurais voulu, mais je ne pouvais faire mieux.
Laine: Sisu de Sandnes yarn, un peu moins douce et plus épaisse que ma laine favorite Bis-Sock. J'ai augmenté la grandeur des aiguilles à 2,75mm ce qui a produit la bonne densité.

Sisu - Pink Blushes + a disc blue

Used it for a base in colorwork socks. It is very pleasant to work with and doesn't split. However, it started felting and piling after very minor wear before even a wash was necessary. Other than that, the color is not running and the fabric blocks very nicely

Genevieve Prive
couleur vibrante et laine avec tenue

La laine est plus rugueuse que les laines Biscottes. Toutefois, je trouve que c'est parfait pour des bas car j'ai l'impression qu'ils tiendront très longtemps. La couleur est vraiment vibrante. Laine un peu plus grosse que la fingering habituelle.

Laines Sands Sisu

Heureuse de mon acquisition. J'en ferai des talons et du jacquard sur mes prochaines chaussettes.

Sylvie Proulx
Sisu c est la laine que j utilise pour tricoter des bas

C était la première fois que j allais a votre boutique. Vous allez sûrement me revoir. J ai beaucoup apprécier le service. La laine sisu est parfaite pour tricoter les bas et surtout, elle n est pas trop dispendieuse. Merci !!