Give a new life to this fully recycled yarn! Its colours and the presence of tweed will entice you! Certified without colour additives and chemical treatments, let yourself be tempted by this natural yarn.

Triade is the ideal winter wool for your winter knits. Select this yarn if you are looking for a rugged effect. This tweed wool made from recycled threads is bound to give your knitted items a truly natural look. Choose an eco-friendly knitting wool!

Triade is made of 100% recycled yarns, 38% wool, 22% cotton, 28% polyamide, 7% acrylic and 5% other fibers
Each wool ball is 100 meters and 50 grams
Gauge 17 sts x 24 rows = 4 inches on US#6-8 (4-5 mm) needles
Wash on a gentle cycle and dry flat
Opt for an eco-friendly knitting winter wool!

Are you in need of inspiration? Here are several pattern ideas to knit with the Triade!!! 👇

Jane Cardigan

The Jane cardigan features a Garter Stitch yoke with a beautiful faux cable hem. This cardiagn is a beginner friendly, enjoyable knit.

To knit the Jane cardigan, you need between 8 and 14 balls of Laine Cheval Blanc Triade yarn.

Anemone York pullover

"Just like a sea anemone that anchors itself to the rocks to undulate with the rhythm of the ocean, the stitch pattern of this sweater starts at the base of the neckline to unfold gracefully, carried by the sea current all the way to the end." - Louise

This sweater is a circular yoke worked from the top down with an open ballerina style neckline style and Ÿ sleeves but you may also opt for a full-length sleeve if you prefer this style. There is no extra length added for the back of the neck: the back and the front of this yoke are identical. I recommend using stitch markers between each pattern repeat. This sweater is designed to be worn with 2" to 4" of positive ease so you must choose a final size that is 2" to 4" larger than your actual bust circumference.

To knit the Anemone pattern, you need between 8 and 18 balls of Triade yarn in the color of your choice.

Cozy Corner Pullover

Beautiful cozy turtleneck pullover worked diagonally, featuring Fisherman’s Rib over the yoke with cute elbow colored patches. The Cozy Corner Pullover will surely become your new favorite!

To knit it, here's what you need in your three favorite colors:

  • Color A: 7 to 12 balls of Triade yarn
  • Color B: 2 to 4 balls of Triade yarn
  • Color C: 2 balls of Triade yarn

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

J’adore cette laine. La couleur est riche.

Johanne Duplain
Bel effet tweed!

Cardigan fait pour ma petite-fille. J'adore le rendu du jersey et du modĂšle avec cette laine. Ce n'est pas la plus douce que j'ai tricotĂ© mais Ă  mon avis, aprĂšs le blocage elle devient plus souple et plus douce. J'en fait un deuxiĂšme pour ma plus grande avec cette mĂȘme laine mais dans une autre couleur, juste pour vous dire que je l'ai quand mĂȘme vraiment aimĂ©. Un trĂšs beau choix de couleur dans cette laine! Johanne

Claudette Lafontaine

cette laine se travaille tres bien j'ai optee pour la triade, couleur ardoise. Je tricote un chauffe-epaule je suis débutante en tricot. J'adore cela avoir sue que j'aurais tant aimée aurais débuter bien avant. 74 ans est pas encore trop tard. Claudette

Nicole Garant

Je l’aime bien elle se tricote bien et j’aime la texture.
Pas de photo car je n’ai pas terminĂ©.

MarlĂšne Blouin
Quel beau fil Ă  tricoter

J’adore ce fil à tricoter. Sa texture est incroyable et il vient dans un vaste choix de couleurs. J’espùre que ma fille sera contente de la surprise!!!