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We are happy to finally present the pattern Joy To The Wolrd shawl by Louise Robert that was offered in the Advent Calendar.

"This shawl was designed to use 10 mini skeins and a silk-mohair yarn from Biscotte Yarns advent calendar 2020. For this special project, I wanted to play with geometric shapes and contrasting textures to highlight the zig-zag pattern in the center of the stole. " - Louise Robert

In addition to the knitting pattern, you will need the following materials to knit the JOY TO THE WORLD shawl:

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FINAL SIZE: 222 cm; 87" long and 22cm; 8 ½" wide. To make a shorter stole, subtract one (or more) triangles. The quantity of yarn suggested is sufficient to knit up to 6 triangles, as shown in the photo.

GAUGE : 24 sts = 10cm; 4" in garter stitch, with Bis-Sock after blocking.

***ATTENTION: The gauge is not critical for this design, but a looser gauge could result in a larger stole that would require more yarn than indicated here. To avoid running out of yarn, be sure to respect the suggested gauge.

NOTES: This stole is made of 6 identical triangles, knitted in the same ways as "mini-shawls", which are joined to form a long strip. This project is rather easy to realize since it is entirely knitted in garter stitch. That said, I have identified two elements that could be more complex for beginners: starting the triangles with a garter tab cast-on and then grafting the triangles together in kitchener stitch. In both cases, I have prepared a tutorial to help you.

Since there are 10 skeins of Bis-Sock yarn to be included in the project, I used 10 small "ziploc style" bags to store and identify each ball of yarn. On each bag, I also wrote the number of rows to knit with that color. To avoid having to weave in several ends of yarn on each triangle, I suggest you to use this method by Stephen West: Weavin’ Stephen:

This pattern is offered as a PDF document. You must add the pattern to your cart, follow the steps to check out & a link to download the pattern will be emailed to you ♥

Good knitting! ♥

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Bel effet le motif zig-zag.


I can't wait to get started on this lovely pattern, thank you for the free download. I am taking a trip to Montreal this weekend with my family and can't wait to stop in your shop. I will look to purchase the fibres and check out all your other lovely yarns. Thank you again and I'm so glad that I happened to find your site while planning my getaway.

Ginette Cardinal

Je suis rendu au remaillage à suivre pour la photo

Edith Myrand

Ce fut que du bonheur à tricoter pour les mains et les yeux. Belle écharpe longue et chaude.

Sylvie Vigneault
Joy the world

Pas commencé, projet de vacances.