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NEKO Curved Double Pointed Needles for knitting Socks

NEKO Original Curved DPNs reinvent the knitting in rounds. Instead of five needles, you only need three V-shaped Neko-needles to create a pair of socks, sleeves of a sweater, hats and much more.

The patented curved design prevents the stitches from slipping off the needle. Nevertheless, the materials’s surface is very smooth and lets them slide easily over the curve at the same time. While two needles hold the resting stitches the third one is used for knitting. This way only two needle switches are necessary to complete a full rounds. The results are faster knitting and a more evenly knitted looking pieces.

Each pack contains three needles in dedicated bright colors.

Available in two sizes:

  • Regular : Length of 9 cm (to knit smaller rounds, e.g. socks.)
  • XL: Length of 10 cm (to knit medium rounds, e.g. hats, sleeves.)

Want to know how it works?? Have a look to Vicky Howell tutorial:

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
NEKO - I didn't have the right project

I was making KNITTED KNOCKERS, and thought that I'd like to try the NEKO curved DPNs.
The NEKO needles are very good, but I am so accustomed to knitting knockers on 4 straight DPNs (where the increase is always at the end of each needle), that working on just 3 needles confused me! I look forward to using them again, but on a different "in-the-round" project.

Claudette Brouillard

c'est facile et je suis très contente du résultat!

Diane Asselin
Aiguilles neko pour chaussettes

Je les adore mais j’ai besoin de pratique pour pouvoir mieux les apprécier!

Bonjour existe t il une vidéo neko en français merci je suis de France MERCI
Vidé neko en français

Je n'ai vu que des vidéos anglaises

Bonjour, malheureusement nous avons utilisé un vidéo que nous avons trouvé sur Youtube mais nous n'avons pas trouvé d'équivalent en français...