Cocoknits Maker's Board

Cocoknits Maker's Board

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The Cocoknits Maker’s Board evolved to hold little tools, recipes, or a tablet.

While going perfectly with Cocoknits' Ruler & Gauge set, this single tool can do a lot! Made with washable kraft fabric, there are internal metal sheets that make every surface magnetic. You can stick a chart on one surface, your pattern on another, and when you prop one side up for display, the angle is completely adjustable, making it even more versatile. Use the strong magnets included to keep small tools, charts, patterns, recipes, and more at hand while you’re working. Like many Cocoknits tools, it could help organize a variety of different projects - its uses are only limited by your imagination!

Made of sturdy washable paper
Measures: 11” (28 cm) X 9” (23 cm) (when folded)


  • 4 round magnets covered in PLA (made from fermented plant fibers called polylactic acid, which is made from fermented plant starch such as corn, Betteraves or sugar cane. It is 100% biodegradable, not water soluble, and contains no plastic.)
  • 2 small, round, uncovered magnets to hold tools
  • 3 strong, uncovered rectangle magnets for propping board and holding other tools
  • Packaged in a linen drawstring bag for storage or to use as a project bag

Note: Some tools pictured sold separately, such as the magnetic ruler.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Diane Gillam
Le tableau Cocoknits Marker's Board

Excellent produit, je le recommande.

Marie nathalie Houle

Produit formidable. La grandeur est parfaite.Je l’adore 😍

Nicole Belleau

Juste parfait
Je l’adore