Here is a technique that allows you to cast on stitches to knit socks "toe-up". This type of cast on is known as a "toe-up" cast on that is called the "Turkish Cast-on".

This video is followed by illustrated explanations in pictures.

 1 – Start with a slip knot about 30-40 cm from the end of the yarn.

 2 – Align your 2 needles so that they point to the right and place the slip knot on the bottom needle.

 3 –Wrap the yarn connected to the ball by going behind the needles from the bottom up and in front of the needles from top to bottom.

4 – Wrap 1/4 number of the total number of stitches (for a 32 stitch cast on, wrap around 8 times).

5 - Pull on lower the needle to work on the stitches on the top.

6 –Knit what will become the first stitch of the top, the yarn must stay in the front of your cable (which will close the last stitch at the bottom.)

7 –Knit the upper stitches. At this point the "stitches" will be very loose, this is normal!

8 –Once you've knit all the stitches, turn your hands clockwise, taking care to keep the right side of the work in front of you.

9 – Your slip knot is now on the top cable.

10 – Push the upper needle on the stitches and pull on the lower needle to work on the upper stitches.

11 –Remove the slip knot and pull on the yarn to untie it. Use the two strands as they are (one strand in front and one strand behind the cable) to knit the upper stitches.

12 –You will double the number of stitches on the top needle...

13 – Once all the stitches are knit, turn the needles clockwise taking care to always keep the right side facing you..

14 –Now that your needles point to the right, push the needle up and pull the needle down.

15 –Use the 2 strands again to knit the upper stitches using the needle at the bottom.

16 – You will double the stitches of the second half..

montage toes-up orteils turc

17 – That's your finished cast on!

montage turc toes-up orteils

18 – I suggest you cut the tail of the yarn, so as not to confuse it with the working yarn!

Tips and tricks:

  • You have to be familiar with the "magic loop" to follow these explanations.
  • When you are ready to knit, your needles always point to the right.
  • Always use the bottom needle to work the upper needle.
  • Always keep the right side of the knitting in front of you when handling your needles: the common mistake of beginners is to turn the work on the wrong side ...
  • To use the strands as they are, when the strand is in front of the cable, it is because it will form a stitch on the next round. If you are missing a stitch during the cast on process, it is because you have failed to follow this instruction.
  • Make sure you have a good quality circular needle.
  • Practice makes perfect: give yourself the chance to learn this technique of casting on, you will certainly appreciate it once acquired! We offer a number of knitting patterns to practice this technique in our online store !

To watch a video demonstrating this technique click HERE (video in English but well demonstrated).