Have you ever seen in a knitting pattern M1 (Make One) that doesn't specify whether it's left leaning or right leaning? I have and if you're not an experienced knitter, which was me and all of us at some point, it can be very confusing.

After looking into this a little further, it seems that most knitters would do a M1L (Make One Left) in this case. It is a very nice and invisible looking increase. What I like to do before jumping into a M1L is lay my work out and see where the increase is located and whether it would be better suited to lean left or lean right. If you really are unsure a M1L is a great choice.

Since knitting Andrea Mowry's Throwback Cardigan, I've learned the M1 (make One). When I first read the pattern and seen it I had an itsy bitsy wave of panic rush over me LOL Luckily in her pattern she provides a link to a tutorial on how to do this. Thank you Andrea Mowry!! When knitting a Seamless Yoke sweater there are large amounts of increases done within a row or round. Increasing so quickly across a row or round requires increases that does not lean to the left or to the right. When making this increase it creates a small hole kind of like a yarn over. However after blocking the holes diminish quite a bit because increasing so quickly pushes the holes together. If you were to do, for example, M1L or M1R it would cause puckering in your work.

Of course I did some research to find out more and this is actually how most Seamless Yoke sweaters are knit. These increases are placed evenly across the row or round and can actually have a decorative look. Since knitting The Throwback Cardigan I've caught a Colorwork bug. I decided that I need to design my own Colorwork Seamless Yoke sweater. So showing how to work the M1 (Make One) seemed like a good idea! Now, if you happen to see this M1 in a pattern that isn't a Seamless Yoke or doesn't specify to work it this way I would be certain to do a M1L or M1R or another invisible increase because you really don't want to make a hole in your work where one isn't required.


How to M1 (Make One)

The M1 involves the horizontal bar that runs between the stitch on your left hand needle and the stitch on your right hand needle the same as the M1R and M1L as shown on the left side of the photo above. Insert the tip of your right hand needle under the horizontal bar from front to back as shown on the right side of the photo above.

How to M1 (Make One)

Yarn over and pull through as you normally would to knit a regular stitch as shown on the left side of the photo above. And as you can see on the right side of the photo above the stitch is neither left nor right leaning, however leaves a slight hole.

How to M1 (Make One)

Here is the top portion of my sweater and you can see the little holes however since they are evenly spaced they look decorative. Keep in mind my sweater is not yet blocked and a good blocking does wonders to any knit project. I can only show this little bit of my sweater since the design is not yet released! Being a little tweed yarn obsessed, Hagrid hand-dyed yarn had to be the yarn for this project. I'm using Prune and one of my very favorite colors, Caramel. It's absolutely the most perfect color and I'm so happy that it's one of Biscotte's "forever" colors.

Since we are on the topic of favorites, let's share some of our favorite knitting notions and/or accessories!! You could be using a real goodie that another knitter isn't aware of and could really need in their knitting gear.

How to M1 (Make One)

Here are my favorite notions and accessories at the moment! First we have the Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant. I wear this every day....well for one I knit everyday and two, I really love the pendant. I've actually gotten compliments on this from non-knitters who didn't even know it has a function! No matter if I have 3 pairs of scissors in front of me, I lay them down and my tunnel vision cuts in and I can't see them. Since wearing this around my neck and sometimes forgetting to even take it off and sleep in it I never have to look for scissors again. It's my handy little assistant that I can't live without!

Next up we have my Biscotte Yarns notebook. This is my second one. I literally used up the first and had to get another. The pen on the side is wonderful because as I've mentioned I can't see things even when they are in front of me! I sketch my designs in here, I keep track of rows, and write down my appointments......everything important is in here. It fits in my knitting bag and I always have it on me so it's a really great assistant as well!

Last but certainly not least, is my new Biscotte Yarn leather tags! I'm so excited about these!! They finish off a project like nothing else! It takes your homemade projects to handmade and adds a real professional quality to a knitted piece. I'm very excited about these and they will be available for purchase from Biscotte very soon!! You can always subscribe to Biscotte Yarns newsletter to be aware of what's new in the online yarn store 

So those are a few of my favorite knitting notions! I'd really love to hear about some of your favorite items because you never know; I just might need one too!!