We don't wear knitwear in the summer 🤥 🤔 🤭 Well, think again: you must choose yarns made of suitable fibers!

Look for these fibers to enjoy your knits in the warm season:

​1️⃣ COTTON - Cotton is soft, lightweight, breathable, and absorbs body moisture, allowing heat to escape the body so you can stay cool Cotton is readily available in most yarn brands, so you have plenty to choose from! 😎

2️⃣ HEMP - Hemp allows air to circulate and absorbs moisture. It is antimicrobial and odor-resistant, meaning you don't have to wash your clothes every time you wear them because they stay fresh longer! 👕 Experiment with hemp yourself with Granola yarn from Louise Robert Collection

3️⃣ SILK - Silk is always a go-to as it can help regulate your body temperature and even has moisture-wicking properties, making it perfect for keeping you dry and comfortable in the summer 🌞

4️⃣ SEACELL - This fiber composed of seaweed and eucalyptus is lightweight and anti-irritant. With Seacell, you get durable, soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking knitwear. If you are curious about this fiber, look for the beautiful Algua Marina in the Louise Robert Collection: an exquisite blend of silk and Seacell! 💦

5️⃣ MERINO WOOL - Merino wool might look odd when thinking about the best fiber for hot, humid weather, but its absorbent fibers help to regulate body temperature and keep you cool. Merino wool is one of the only fibers that trap pockets of air to keep you insulated but can regulate your temperature to keep you comfortable in the heat. Besides, merino wool does not trap body odor which is perfect for summer wear (Mother Nature is so caring!) 😌 ​

Share with us your favorite summer yarns! We can't wait to get our needles out! 😃