Knitting kit Bullseye socks (yarn and pattern)

Knitting kit Bullseye socks (yarn and pattern)

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This knitting kit is perfect for highlighting the Self-striping Autorayanteᵐᶜ yarn.

This pattern is knitted starting with the back of the leg in the shape of an octagon, that is to say a figure that resembles a pie cut into 8 slices.;-)

We begin to knit our "pie" at the centre and increase the stitches gradually in each one of the 8 "slices of the pie" until we obtain the number of stitches indicated.

This pattern was created as part of the Mystery Sock Knitting Club of September 2016. You can now buy the sock pattern only or the knitting kit. ;-)

In addition to the knitting kit, you will need the following material to knit this pattern:

- 2.5 mm circular needles (or the size needed to obtain the sample);
- 8 stitch markers as required.

A download link for the knitting pattern will be sent by e-mail when the order is complete.

Enjoy and good knitting!

Customer Reviews

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J'ai beaucoup aimé votre laine par contre pas avec le patron bulleyes, j'ai tout défait mon travail après l'avoir fait car je n'aimais pas le résultat de Bulleyes . Voici une photo de mon travail final.

christine GACEK
le modèle est très joli

mais je n'ai pas encore reçu la laine pour pouvoir commencer je vous dirais