Skein Coats ♥ Your yarn will never come unraveled again

Skein Coats ♥ Your yarn will never come unraveled again

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Is your yarn always coming unraveled? Do you often struggle with knots? Have you wasted precious knitting time detangling your beautiful neatly wound yarn? Well, knitters we have the tool for you: the Skein Coats!

Skein Coats are a solution for taming any yarn skein, ball or cake. They are lightweight, portable, reusable, they prevent tangles and keep your yarn clean and neat. It's fast, it's easy and it works. Made from fabric that stretches & contracts, just cover your yarn with a Skein Coat and throw it in your knitting bag. Your yarn always stays neat and clean no matter how many times you've pulled it out to knit. You can squish it in your bag for knitting on-the-go and best of all they don't break and aren't bulky.

Measurements: 5" tall & 4.5" wide ♥ Fits most wound center pull cakes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Très utile, je ne peux plus m’en passer!

Ginette Cardinal
Étui à balle de laine

Je l'adore, très pratique, j'attends de voir la quelle que je vais recevoir avec le calendrier de l'avent 👍

Natasha Parsons
Where has this been all my life!!

Seriously! I didn’t realize what I was missing out on. This thing is great. It keeps my yarn ball nice and neat!

Stéphanie Boivin

Achat essentiel pour vos balles pendant le tricot!!

Game changer!

Imagine, pulling sock yarn from the centre of the cake with no tangles. Imagine no more!