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Knitting inspiration - Models to discover

Discover here a collection of your "favorite" knitting patterns.

Regularly, we search knitting patterns on the Internet that inspire us and we put them together for you in our Pinterest "Knitting inspiration" table. You will find rare pearls in this table to exhilarate the knitting aficionada in you! 

For other knitting models, be sure to visit our own bank of knitting patterns online. Our collection of knitting patterns to download is exclusive: all the models you will find here have been developed by Biscotte Yarns.

We are proud to add that some of our models have been published on renowned websites such as, including the  Carousel pattern and the  Stitch Surfer sock pattern.

Several of our patterns have also been published in the magazine L'Actuelle and in the book New Directions In  Sock Knitting: 18 Innovative Designs.

Biscotte Yarns has also developed a  knitting application that allows you to generate custom knitting patterns! Available on iPhones, Android and here on our website