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Tricoluchon - Handmade Knitting Bag

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Store your knitting projects, accessories and skeins safely and stylishly in these handmade bags!

Made from 100% cotton printed fabrics and lined for better support, our TRICOLUCHON size knit bags add a touch of whimsy to your work in progress.

Includes: Interior pockets & opening handle (some varieties)


  • Height 12" 
  • Width 7"
  • Depth 4"

Available in a variety of prints including the FOUR EXCLUSIVE PRINTS that we have designed especially for yarn and knitting enthusiasts:

RÉTRO PRINT (also available in POLYBAG size)

The retro print will charm yarn lovers with its vintage knitting theme. We've scoured old newspapers and magazines for vintage images. Adorned with authentic advertisements and lovely "pin ups", this retro printed POLYBAG pays tribute to all the knitters who came before us ♥

RED CROSS PRINT (also available in POLYBAG size)

For history buffs, the RED CROSS print features authentic posters and newspaper clippings that highlight the involvement of knitters during the war.

SKEINS PRINT (also available in POLYBAG size)

For a more classic and discreet look, also on the theme of yarn and knitting, discover the POLYBAG in shades of navy, denim blue and red embelisshed with skeins and delicate foliage.

WATERCOLOR PRINT (also available in POLYBAG size)

For those who love summer and soft colors, here is the WATERCOLOR print. A model that features pretty knitted cables and watercolor painted summer flowers.

NOTE: the lining fabric (top band and inside of the bag) may differ from the picture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

J'adore mon sac au look vintage, il contient beaucoup plus qu'on penserait et est très pratique avec la petite poignée qui s'accroche à une chaise. Il est aussi magnifique.

Lucie Deshaies

je suis satisfaite du tissus et des photos sur mon sac
Lucie Deshaies

Myriam Hudon

Je croyais qu’il y avait des poches à l’intérieur… Je me suis un peu trompée avec la description du sac plus grand et j’étais un peu déçue mais j’aime le look général

Nathalie Bérubé (4-11-29)j adore tricoter avec laine triade . Bien hâte de terminer mon chandail

J adore mon sac

Jacinthe Basque

faudrait que vous mettiez votre nom pour identifier qui a fait le sac, car j'ai plusieurs sacs et je ne vais pas me souvenirs d'où il vient