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Pour votre prochaine visite dans une boutique de laine

At Biscotte Yarns, we are privileged to welcome many knitters each year. Some of them come from far away to pick up the wool of happiness in our shop.

To the attention of these knitting enthusiasts, we have prepared a list of things to remember before a visit to a wool store.

boutique-de-laineFirst, check the opening hours of the wool shop: knitting shops often have an atypical schedule. You can check the website of the wool shop in question but in the holiday period or the Christmas holidays: call before you go, it's always safer! Also inquire about parking or transportation nearby. If you are accompanied by someone who does not knit (a muggle!), You may want to know where the nearest cafe is and bring this lovely person a magazine;)

Do you already have a knitting pattern?

Make sure you know the footage required to knit the chosen sample. If the pattern in question does not give you this information, you can do the math yourself: learn here how to substitute wool for a specific knitting pattern. At the very least, write down the required gauge (eg 22 stitches = 10 cm) and the size and type of needles needed to make it: straight, double-pointed or circular needles?

Of course, if you hesitate: take the extra ball to avoid running out of wool. You will knit a matching accessory if you have not used this ball after your work is done.

Are you knitting a pattern that you want to give as a gift?

application de tricot biscotte kpAh yes! knitter often rhymes with generous: you are part of those who like to offer a gift handmade with love !! It's all your honor ♥ First, if the knitting project is not "one size fits all", consider measuring or asking the desired size to the lucky recipient of your knitting. When it comes to a sweater, you have to measure the bust, the waist and the hips. For stockings (or socks), take note of the shoe size or ask the recipient to put their foot on a piece of paper and trace the foot with a pencil.

For accessories such as hats, measure the head (headband) or the length and width of the hands if you are knitting mittens or gloves. You will find a handy guide in English (but well illustrated) steps to knitting a sample the right size on the site | Standards & Guidelines For Crochet and Knitting.

Also think about the type of maintenance required before choosing your wool: people who do not knit do not have the habit of maintaining handmade knits and do not necessarily know the precautions to take to wash a 100% pure knit wool. Remember to choose a machine washable wool (feltproof) to avoid the worst!

The pattern or the sheep? That is the question!

While some knitters prefer to choose a pattern first and then look for the matching wool, others will rather buy the wool on a crush without necessarily knowing what they are going to knit with.

pure laine de moutonThere is nothing wrong with that: enjoy yourself :) We have prepared a video to help you find a sample on the Ravelry site based on particular criteria such as the amount of wool you have and the suggested gauge. With 100g of wool, normally you have enough to knit a hat: use our custom knitting application to generate the pattern that matches the gauge of your wool and the size of hat desired.

Beginner knitter?

Do not be embarrassed: all the knitters had their first visit to atricoteuse débutante wool  shop! Mention to the staff that you are new to knitting and ask them to help you find an easy project and the materials needed to make it happen. We are here to help you!!

Did you enjoy your visit to the wool shop?

Be smart: leave a positive comment on Facebook, Google Maps, The Yellow Pages or share / talk to your friends! Your comments and testimonials are important to us!

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