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Pure laine ou quoi ??


Nowadays, we use the word wool in all its sauces: cotton wool, mineral wool, steel wool and glass wool ... But know that pure wool literally is defined on the site Wikipedia

Legally, the term « wool » refers to the fibers of the sheep and the fibers of other animals (but in the latter case we always call these textiles by their name ) whose fleece is composed of keratinous fibers such as goat angora (of which fleece fibers are referred to as «  mohair wool »), the albino rabblit or angora rabbit (whose fleece fibers are referred to as « Angora »), the so-called cashmere goat (whose fleece fibers are designated by the same term « cashmere »), lama, alpacaguanaco, domestic camel, yacketc. 

This is why some producers using synthetic fibers adopt the term "knitting yarn" rather than wool ... Have you ever noticed?

Pure virgin wool, what does that mean?

No, this term does not refer to the virtue of the sheep that has been stripped for you, dear knitting adepts! This title appeared in the 1960s when the textile industry experienced a major development.


pure laine woolmark logoWhile some producers retrieve the fleece of slaughtered animals and recycle the wool already used to "pass" knitting wool, we establish the Woolmark certificate to identify the goods that contain virgin wool from shearing wool. healthy and alive animals.

The Woolmark label then guarenteed a product made of 100% Pure virgin wool.

Are all sheep called Merino?

When we talk about merino wool, it is a breed of sheep. Merino is the sheep on which the finest hair of all sheep grows. That's why this wool is the sweetest: it's the pure wool of happiness for knitters and a fiber of choice in the field of sportswear.

Spinning pure wool in action

Although Biscotte Yarns has been working in the woolen field for almost a decade, we are still contemplative about the transformation of the fleece into a knitting yarn. We found this video informative for you ...

Pure wool and Quebec expressions

Our relationship with wool has always endured and in Quebec, we use several expressions related to wool, sometimes even without knowing it! Here are a few:

How's your wool? • Definition: how are you?

Spin a bad cotton • Definition: "do not feel good" (If you have already spun the cotton, you will understand that nothing goes better if the cotton in question is not of good quality!)

Getting wool on your back • Definition: being abused by unscrupulous people

Have a woolen sock • Definition: have savings

A tight knit family• Definition: a close-knit family values caring

Quebecker pure wool • Definition: French Canadians from generation to generation

PURE LAINE Magazine is also the name of a magazine that "pays tribute to the entrepreneurs of "Icitte".That is the wool is definitely rooted in Quebec identity!

Our pure wool of Québec

Biscotte Yarns is a tight-knit, Quebec-based company proudly offering you pure hand-dyed wool in Quebec in a variety of semi-solid colors as well as in more than 60 Self-Striping® colors. To visit our online wool shop, click HERE and happy shopping !!

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