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In our knitting shop, we are often asked if we have a simple knitting hat pattern. Yes we have several! However, the knitting patterns that we have in bank are not always adapted to the desired size or wool chosen.



The knitters will select a wool either for its color, its texture or simply because they had a crush !! For this reason, we created for you a dynamic hat pattern that you will find below. Now you're done breaking your head with your hat patterns :-)


To get your custom hat pattern, simply click on the two yellow boxes to scroll through the selection menu. Choose the sizeof the hat you want to knit and your sample (how many stitches = 10 cm) and the formulas will do the rest to offer you a custom pattern!


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04 November, 2020

Christiane breton

Je ne vois pas l’image sur ce lien. Le patron de tuque sur mesure .

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