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L'histoire des laines AUTORAYANTEᵐᶜ

Where does the term SELF-STRIPINGᵐᶜ come from?

laine autorayante marque de commerceIn English we use the term "self-striping" but since Biscotte Yarns was precursor in its field of expertise, no word existed in the French language to designate this type of color. It is thus in March 2009 that the owners appealed to Stéphanie Beaulieu, certified translator, and that with her they developed the word AUTORAYANTEᵐᶜ. Do not look for it in the dictionary since it is not there: it is a word invented and marketed by Biscotte Yarns to designate their striped wools! The name AUTORAYANTEᵐᶜ was introduced to the world of wool and knitting by Biscotte Yarns and is an integral part of the identity of this brand.

What is the SELF-STRIPINGᵐᶜ wool?

laine autorayante melon d'eauSince 2007, Biscotte Yarns has pushed the limits of hand-dyed wool by specializing its artisan dyeing technique. After several months of work, trials, mistakes and sacrificed wool, the owners have developed a way of dyeing the wool in colored stripes.

For laymen, Biscotte SELF-STRIPINGᵐᶜ Yarns are yarn dyed so as to produce stripes by themselves by knitting. No need to get several balls of assorted colors and worry about changing wool and weave in the ends. Everything is done automatically, it's almost magical!

The production of this wool is a process that requires a lot of handling and sometimes loss before you arrive skein ready to knit. Biscotte Yarns pays particular attention to color changes in order to produce a smooth transition between stripes. The SELF-STRIPINGᵐᶜ color palette is unique and exclusive to the Biscotte Yarns brand.

The owners are proud to be able to offer their customers their SELF-STRIPINGᵐᶜ wool for almost a decade! They now have more than 60 SELF-STRIPINGᵐᶜcolors including the very popular wool SELF-STRIPINGᵐᶜ watermelon.

SELF-STRIPINGᵐᶜ for all tastes!

Over the years, Biscotte Yarns has designed, produced and marketed over sixty SELF-STRIPING® colors, many of which

have become classics:

laine autorayante charivari

laine autorayante go habs golaine autorayante chaudron baveurlaine autorayante hopelaine autorayante poisson clownlaine autorayante arc-en-ciel


You can discover  aall the SELF-STRIPING colors and order them online right here in our online shop

What do you knit with SELF-STRIPINGᵐᶜ yarn?

To maximize the effect of the SELF-STRIPINGᵐᶜ yarn, you have to choose knitwear of small circumference such as socks, mitts, hats and scarves. Biscotte Yarns has developed knitting patterns that highlight different effects of SELF-STRIPINGᵐᶜ yarns as the following free sock patterns: Stitch Surfer, Viper's TongueBiscotte Sheep and Carousel.

patron de bas stitch surferpatron de bas mouton de biscotte

These kniting patterns are offered free of charge in the online store: Take advantage of them !

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