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Magic loop technique (or "magic loop") for knitting in the round on a circular needle. Sooner or later, all knitters will rise to this challenge to achieve a new level of freedom in the exercise of their art! If you prefer written explanations, you will find them here by clicking on this link: Knitting in the round with magic loop. Otherwise, we have prepared this video:

Tips and advice:

We are talking about "rounds" rather than "rows" when we knit in the round.

When your knitting begins to lengthen into a tube shape, make sure you are knitting on the outside of the work and not on the inside. You should always have the "right side" in front of you.

Know that the first rounds are always more difficult but as your knitting takes shape, your work will become easier.To be comfortable with the magic loop technique, you must use a long enough cable to create two good loops around your knitting. If your cable is too short, your loops will tend to unfold and you will have to continually recalculate your stitches to separate your knit into two halves.

No need to put a marker to identify the start of the turn (anytime you turn your knitting to knit the next halter, your marker will fall almost every time !!) Rely on the tail : when you are opposite, it is because you have completed one round and you start another.

Everything that knits with double pointed needles can be knit on circular needles. Conversely, the circular needles give us the opportunity to knit two socks or mittens at a time ... NOT double points.Take care when choosing your circular needles. To help you make your choice, click HERE.

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08 July, 2021

Joelle Barbe

Très difficile de voir la vidéo car elle trop à droite, on ne voit même pas le bout des doigts à droite !

08 July, 2021


Bonjour, merci pour le vidéo. Si ma première maille que je tricote est à l’envers, dois je passer mon aiguille de droite sous ou au dessus du fil de ma pelote avant de piquer ma première maille. Je vois que pour une maille endroit vous passer sous le fil de la pelote. Merci

08 July, 2021


Merci pour votre service

Envoyé depuis mon mobile

24 May, 2020

Leger Dubois Françoise

Coucou, un grand merci pour ces superbes explications avec l accent qui va bien pour rever au Canada.

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