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Since the Internet has broken down the barriers between our two continents, knitters looking for patterns online have to adapt to the different names of the many knitting patterns on the web.

So, are you going to knit stockings or socks ??

According to Wikipedia, which adopts the rather European point of view, a sock is a stocking that stops at the mid-leg and is worn inside a shoe while the bottom is a long and thin sock used by the socks. women to keep warm, for the sake of elegance or seduction.

In Quebec, the term "low" refers to what covers our feet up to the mid-leg and is worn inside the shoes. In return, the term "sock" is synonymous with slippers and refers to what covers the feet to the ankle and is worn only inside.

Surprisingly, according to Wikipedia the appearance of the sock dates back to the year 2000 BC. The latter was made from strips of tissue !! Fortunately, in the 16th century, a knitting machine was invented that gave birth to wool knit socks similar to those we know today! The knit brings elasticity and comfort to the stockings and that is why hand knit socks are still happy and are still popular today!

For our exclusive stocking pattern in French, click HERE. If the idea of knitting a heel gives you buttons, we offer knitting a la carte: sign up for a small class of 2 hours!

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