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GRANDE RÉOUVERTURE - Comment visiter une boutique de laine durant la pandémie?

At Les Laines Biscotte, we have the privilege of welcoming with open arms many knitting enthusiasts every year. This is our reason for being 🤗

Before you visit a Biscotte Yarns' shop

First of all, if you are considered a person who is at high rish of developping severe illness from COVID-19 or if you have any flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, breathing difficulties, etc.) let us serve you by phone or via our website.

For those willing to visit us, check the opening hours of the yarn boutique of your choice. We suggest that you regularly consult the website of our yarn shops. When in doubt, call beforehand. It's always the safest way to go!

Also ask about parking or means of transportation nearby. If you're accompanied by someone who doesn't knit (a muggle), you might like to know where the nearest park is or to have brought a magazine to read in the car for this charming person ;)

Know Your Requirements

Going yarn shopping is fun. A lot of fun. But without a plan, it can also become a time sink that leaves you without the necessary items to complete your knitting or crocheting project. Spending a few minutes preparing before your visit the yarn shop will help ensure you leave with everything you need and can complete your project successfully. 

Before entering into a Biscotte Yarns' shop

Thank you for taking note of the instructions below and respecting them.

-Limit of 6 customers in store 

-Mandatory mask

-Disinfect your hands at the entrance.

-Respect the ground pellet system

Depending on traffic, in-store winding cannot be guaranteed.

Use your pattern, if you have one

If you’ve got a pattern in mind, make note of the yarn gauge and the amount you will need to complete the project. If the pattern in question does not give you this information, you can do the math yourself: learn how to substitute wool for a specific knitting pattern here.  At the very least, note the required sample (ex: 22 stitches = 10 cm) and the size and type of needles needed to make it: straight, double-point or circular needles?

This will help you hone in the correct section of the yarn shop so you can focus in on material and color. If you’re not sure the exact amount you’ll need, buy an extra skein or two. Make sure they’re all from the same die lot so you don’t wind up with a color change part way through the project.

Consider the Wearer and Purpose

Oh yes! Knitting often rhymes with giving, isn't it ? If you are one of those who like to offer a gift made straight from your own hand, bless your heart! . ♥

Who are you making this project for? Do they have any allergies to wool or other materials? Be sure to pick a yarn that won’t cause them to have an allergic reaction. If it’s for a baby, a soft, washable yarn is ideal. If you’re making a blanket, scour the yarn shop for a light and warm yarn. Consider what other colors the recipient wears or uses to decorate. Use colors that are in the same family to those they’d choose themselves.

Furthermore, if the knitting project is not "one size fits all", remember to measure or ask the desired size to the happy receiver of your knitting. When it is a sweater, you must measure the bust, waist and hips. For stockings (or socks), make a note of the shoe size or ask the recipient to place the foot on a sheet of paper and trace the circumference of the foot with a pencil.

For accessories such as hats, measure the circumference of the head (headband) or the length and width of the hands if you are knitting mittens or gloves. A very handy (but well illustrated) guide to knitting the right size pattern is available at | Standards & Guidelines For Crochet and Knitting

Also, think about the type of care required before choosing your yarn: people who don't knit are not used to caring for handmade knitwear and don't necessarily know what precautions to take when washing 100% pure wool knitwear. Remember to choose a machine washable (anti-felting) fabric to avoid the worst!

knitting yarn detergentThe other option is to add to your gift a bag of the Laundry Soap for Knitters No. 78 made by Savonnerie Bon Bain. This no-rinse wool detergent is made with saponified coconut and sunflower oils, among others. The lanolin it contains nourishes and protects the fibre as nature intended it to be. This will keep your gift in good condition for a long time to come! We also offer a free PDF file with printable labels that will provide the recipient with washing instructions.

Needle Inventory

Before you head out to the yarn shop, take a look at the needles you have available. Do you have the size and type you’ll need to complete the chosen project? It can sometimes be helpful to get needles a half size larger or smaller than those recommended on the pattern depending on tight or loose your gauge usually is.

Tools Inventory

Besides needles or hooks, what other items do you need to complete this project. A row counter? Stitch markers? Tape measure? Carefully read through the pattern before heading to the yarn shop and check to be sure you’ve got all the tools you’ll need to complete the project.

Before you head to the yarn shop to get supplies for your next project, working through these preparatory steps will save you time and money. You’ll leave the yarn shop with everything you need and not get distracted by the many fabulous skeins that aren’t appropriate for the current pattern.


Happy yarn shopping everyone!

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